An isolated house in the middle of the ocean by @EduardoAlvim

“I have always done it this way and been successful. I know what I’m doing. Trust me!”

Chocolate chips, come and get ‘em!

We need a company for this turnaround tale. Imagine a manufacturer of… computer motherboards. We’ll call it Choc Chip, because today is a very hot day and we’re craving ice cream. In charge…

Investing on the right things, can help your company to generate greater value

With social-distancing measures gradually being rolled back, I’ve looked back to where and how organizations stumbled in handling the crisis. “Time, money, and resources have been wasted where value-driven investments could have been made.”

Why it’s important to invest in the right place

“It’s important for organizations to know where and how to invest if they wish to remain…

f you’d been in one of my trainings a while ago, you’d have heard someone ask me this question. “You Agile evangelists are always talking about these new roles: Product Owner. Development Team. Release Train Engineer. This, that and the other. Fine and good — but where does my work fit in? I’m an architect. And I can see my role is changing, but I’m not sure how exactly. Why is it changing, and more importantly what can I change to stay onboard?”

Memory lane

The question triggered a flood of competing thoughts. Mainly it brought me to go back several years in memory, to review some talks I listened to, books that I’ve read, conferences I attended. Because this person had a very interesting point. …

Eduardo Avila Alvim

A passionate promoter of the Agile mindset with a keen focus on Agile transformations with large organizations, on lean budgeting and on the systemic approach

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